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Tim Hughes and the team at Behind The Lens Media have packaged up their offerings into tailor-made events and sports photography to suit all types of business and leisure experiences. Whether you’re hosting or competing, our team of expert event photographers can help you to capture the moment for prosperity, promotion, or just for fun!

‘A camera grants you access to places you wouldn’t go normally. You end up in unique places and situations, witnessing things from a completely privileged angle’ says Tim, owner of Event View and its hosting company, Behind The Lens Media. ‘It’s all about the magic of small moments and candid shots which make an event, no matter how big or small, completely come alive in the minds of the viewer'.

Tim is a well-known face across Wales for his professional and personable approach to event media management. If you’re a regular to the races at Ffos Las, for example, you’ll have seen him capturing his finest sports photography shots trackside as official photographer. Regulars at big corporate events and sought after by venues across the UK, Tim and the team at Event View have years of experience in encapsulating your big day - be it the match, the speech, the charity fun run, or the big concert - and these expert event photographers love nothing more than capturing the pride in your event via photography, videography, live streaming, and even on-site event printing.

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Corporate photography - a spotlight on your hard work

Corporate events are not only a way of celebrating successes, raising money, or raising awareness of products and services, but they’re also ideal occasions for capturing marketable event photography and video footage that you can use to both promote and inform. What better way to show potential clients how successful you are than by capturing your glittering event with event photography?

We’re proud to be at the forefront of corporate and commercial events and we’ve worked with some of the top organisations in Pembrokeshire and beyond. Here are some examples of corporate events we’ve worked on:

  • Business Dinners

  • Charity Events

  • Award Ceremonies

  • Trade Shows & Expos

  • Corporate Days

  • Concerts & Live Music Events

  • Product Launches

Sports photography you can really get behind

The crowd might be cheering on their heroes in the ring or on the pitch, but the team at Event View are cheering you on! We’re championing your cause with our event media offerings, highlighting the best moments, the must-see snapshots, and creating assets that you can use to create all the hype your next event deserves. Here are some sports events we have covered:

  • Golf

  • Horse Racing

  • Motor Sports

  • Action sports such as triathlons, mud runs, marathons, fun runs, swimming and cycling

  • Stunt sports such as skateboarding and scooter competitions

  • Team sports such as football games and rugby matches

This list is not exhaustive. At Event View, we’re happy to produce sports video footage and up close photography for any sporting event.

For more information about how our services can help to enhance your corporate, commercial or sporting event give our friendly team a call!

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