Live Streaming

Level up your events with our live streaming services

No, we're not talking about shaky social media videos taken at the after party. Our live streaming services are next level for any event promotion, allowing you to reach beyond your immediate audience and share your event seamlessly online, too. Our cutting-edge drone live streaming services will revolutionise your events and allow you to captivate your virtual audience like never before, potentially doubling your attendees and prospective clients.


Our state-of-the-art drones are equipped with the latest high-definition cameras, offering an aerial perspective that traditional cameras cannot achieve, literally giving your event a whole new angle! From corporate events to sporting spectacles, our drone live streaming services create an immersive experience unlike any other, allowing you to elevate your event to a whole new height! We've got the technology and the expertise to make live streaming your event simple, sleek, and super successful.


Our live streaming services are perfect for:

  • Giving your followers a better-than-front-row seat to that big game or important match

  • Following all the unseen but vital action at the races

  • Setting you apart from the competition with new ways to show off that incredible product launch

  • Providing a paid experience for a select audience, allowing you to create hype around exclusivity and the uniqueness of your offering

  • Giving an immediately immersive and pleasing sense of presence at your gig, talk, awards ceremony, or celebration

  • Connecting to audiences on platforms that might be new to your company via mobile technology

  • Holding virtual-only events as well as in-person events for maximum audience participation

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There are very few companies in the UK who are able to offer this new-to-market service, and so Event View is thrilled to add this exciting addition to our portfolio of services for companies and events teams across Wales and Britain.


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